For 22 years I've been managing global resources in the compensation and benefits profession. Like many of you, I've invested a lot of time in ensuring I had the right talent in place everywhere, constantly evaluated the right amount of resources necessary to be successful and ensuring the team was focusing on the right things. Often times, until you start to dig into the work being done in countries and regions around the world, you can't understand why too much time seems to be spent on non-value added tasks. Getting to that understanding is critical.


A highly skilled and efficient global rewards team can have a meaningful impact on financial returns for your company. It takes focus, it takes time, it takes commitment to having the right resources, it takes consistent and unwavering messaging and it takes support from leadership, Finance, Legal, local HR resources and sometimes external resources, but you can get to this place and demonstrate incredible results. If you want to review how you're getting the job done or just want a second opinion about your team's talent and resourcing level, give me a call. I can also help with your people mobility policies and HR MA&D activities.